Social Security boost seen as unlikely to help Dems at polls

The news that 70 million people will see an eight.7% raise in their Social Security assessments next yr came just weeks earlier than Election Day, however it is unlikely to give Democrats the threshold they are desperately looking for on the polls.

In truth, the promise of bigger payments could call even more attention to the surging prices that have been inflicting pain on households — and the purpose in the back of Thursday’s announcement of the this system’s largest price-of-living increase in four a long time.

“It’s going to bring extra money to human beings’s wallet, however it primes people to think about high inflation,” said Marty Cohen, a James Madison University political technological know-how professor.

“This is being completed due to the fact inflation is awful, and that’s the purpose for the big adjustment. It’s now not an problem that Democrats want on the the front burner for citizens.”

Voters have ranked the economic system as a higher precedence than Social Security, with 71% of U.S. Adults telling Pew Research Center in January that strengthening the economy turned into a pinnacle precedence for the president and Congress as opposed to fifty seven% pronouncing the same about making sure the Social Security gadget is financially sound.In Phelps’ thoughts, the increase is so huge because inflation is so horrific.

Rising fees will now not have any touching on how he votes within the Nov. 8 election. Neither will the boost he’s going to see in his month-to-month exams beginning next yr.

“No, it’s a great example of the authorities going for walks as the authorities should,” stated Phelps, of Alexandria, Virginia.

Mary Browning, a sixty nine-12 months-antique Social Security recipient in Minneapolis, stated she credits Democrats and the Biden management totally for the revved up exams she will get starting in January. But that did no longer alternate how the self-described “die-hard innovative” she plans to vote.

“I don’t think that human beings apprehend how tough it is to get these changes through. And Biden is getting them through,” Browning said.

Yet Biden and his management performed no position inside the calculation of the value-of-living adjustment. It is arrived at through a method based on inflation.The White House messaging on Social Security highlights how older people will save masses of dollars next year thanks to the eight.7% Social Security increase, a more or less $5 monthly lower in Medicare rates and a new law — which Republicans unanimously adversarial — that so that it will reduce a few prescription drug prices for Medicare recipients.

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