Grateful: Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks Pakistani fans for supporting ‘FUBAR

Arnold Schwarzenegger just took to Twitter to thank his Pakistani fanatics for all their love and help. This got here moments after the actor thanked Ukraine for helping his new challenge, FUBAR, attain the topmost spot on Netflix.

As the megastar thanked Ukraine, a Pakistani Twitter user chimed in with a screenshot, highlighting how FUBAR turned into pretty popular in Pakistan as nicely. While the consumer claimed that the series ranked number one in Pakistan, the connected screenshot showed FUBAR below the ‘Popular on Netflix’ category. As a end result, Schwarzenegger tweeted his appreciation. “Thank you to my lovers in Pakistan!” wrote the superstar.In the outlet episode of FUBAR, Schwarzenegger’s CIA agent man or woman is labelled by his handler “the fastest sixty five-12 months-old white guy in the world.” But Schwarzenegger in actual existence is 75 years antique and FUBAR is his first-ever television series: an eight-episode mix of tough-and-tumble action and comedy premiering on Thursday on streaming service Netflix (NFLX.O).

“This turned into an possibility that changed into no longer to be had inside the ’80s and ’90s after I become hiking up in my career after Conan the Barbarian and Terminator,” Schwarzenegger instructed Reuters.

He plays Luke Brunner, a CIA operative on the cusp of retirement referred to as in to extract some other agent from a dangerous project. That agent seems to be Brunner’s daughter Emma, and hijinks happen in their unstable missions round the arena to comprise Boro, a villain searching for guns of mass destruction.

“He treats me like a toddler,” laments Emma, played through Monica Barbaro, who shares many of her father’s features and butts heads with him in expletive-laden strains.”It is chaos and that creates a variety of amusing opportunities,” Schwarzenegger said. “Some of them are very intense – it’s existence and dying – and a few are them are chortle-out-loud and also you say, ‘Oh my God this is without a doubt humorous’,” he delivered.

Barbaro calls it “quite a complicated dating” as Emma fights to be some thing but her dad, “however then realizes the harder we combat to not be our parents, the more we turn out to be them.” Against the critical paintings and dysfunctional own family dynamics, an eclectic team of CIA colleagues gives comic alleviation, cracking jokes on Emma’s “daddy issues,” Brunner’s mispronunciations and his desire to win returned the spouse he misplaced to divorce years in the past.

Comedian Fortune Feimster, who performs a person named Roo, disrupts the CIA assignment conferences with what she calls “some thing ridiculous” to bring levity. Travis Van Winkle plays her associate Aldon and revels in the juxtaposition of “looking to store the sector from extinction and these lighthearted strains.” And then there’s Barry, performed with the aid of Milan Carter, a nerdy analyst who is also Brunner’s handler and part of his own family, and who knew approximately Emma’s line of labor however kept it from Brunner.

“On any given day, I is probably afraid of Arnold, however when I get to play Barry, it’s no holds barred, and I get to keep him accountable,” stated Carter. “It’s a dream.” For the more youthful cast contributors who grew up watching Schwarzenegger in Terminator films or Kindergarten Cop, they reward what the famous actor and previous bodybuilder brings to set, specifically discipline, teamwork, motivation and a mischievous aspect.

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