Family shields Naimal Khawar as fans come at her with knives out

Talented Pakistani actor, Naimal Khawar Abbasi, has recently turn out to be the subject of excessive scrutiny and hypothesis by way of the public. Rumours have circulated that she has gone through facial surgical operation, sparking a heated debate amongst her followers.

While a few individuals disapprove of any perceived alterations to her appearance, others stay supportive. In the midst of this controversy, Naimal’s sister, Fiza Khawar, and her sister-in-regulation, Dr Fazeela Abbasi, have come forward to defend the famous person as properly.Even though the actor has not been in the public eye in terms of appearing tasks, she has been active on social media. Naimal has been doing campaigns for plenty essential manufacturers, and she’s been retaining her enthusiasts up to date on her life through her social media posts.

It changed into because of a number of the photos and videos that Naimal and other brands shared that had lovers speculating. Many believed that she changed into sporting a glance that showcased an alleged facial surgery. “Naimal before and after is insane! I could not understand her,” wrote one Twitter consumer, sharing photos of the alleged earlier than and after.Another tweep wrote, ‘When you are obviously lovely however you’ve got a beauty dermatologist [sister-in-law] and also you go in opposition to nature so you look ‘prettiest.’ Naimal for you all!”However, there had been those who stood up in help of Naimal. “Ladies, it’s 2023, we don’t diss or shame other ladies for Botox or plastic surgical treatment. We support their right to do anything they want with their our bodies,” wrote one Twitter user. “I’m extraordinarily pro surgical operation and fillers. I assume ladies should do whatever they want with their our bodies and faces. Subscribing to the idea of herbal splendor is a personal desire, not for guys or society to dictate,” penned some other.Naimal herself spoke back to a comment that called her beautiful. The actor said, “Thank you. Wish more human beings ought to display kindness on social media.” Fiza, Naimal’s sister, also responded. She said, “The quantity of poisonous and hateful remarks made here with the aid of other girls is sickening Just due to the fact a person is a public figure does no longer give you the proper to be so horrible. All of you need to introspect [about] what’s made your hearts so dark to be dragging some other lady down like this. Practice a few kindness, it’ll do top to all of your souls.”

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