BNP-M asks govt to notify census results

One of the nationalist events in the ruling coalition—the Balochistan National Party (BNP-M)—has demanded that the federal authorities straight away notify the outcomes of the 2023 digital populace census in advance of the imminent fashionable elections.

“The government have to right now notify the consequences of the population census and maintain fashionable elections after demarcation of constituencies based totally at the census,” stated State Minister for Power Hashim Notezai, speaking on the ground of the National Assembly on Monday.

Pakistan’s seventh population and housing census kicked off on March 2. After multiple delays, the exercise—which was being conducted digitally for the first time–got here to an cease on May 17.

However, per week after the belief of the census, on May 23, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced that the subsequent country wide elections might be held based at the 2017 populace census.

On July 20, the polls supervisory authority, whilst maintaining that it became prepared to hold popular elections on October 11 if the incumbent legislatures complete their five-yr term on August 12, clarified that the election constituencies might be based totally at the 2017 census.Addressing the media, ECP Secretary Omer Hameed Khan had stated forming new constituencies primarily based at the 2023 virtual census changed into “out of query” till and unless the authorities notified the census outcomes previous to the elections.

“We completed the technique of demarking constituencies in 2022 primarily based at the 2017 census. However, if the government notified the effects of the digital census, we will take steps in keeping with the regulation and constitution,” he had delivered.

Notezai additionally criticized his own authorities over its failure to recover “even a single missing man or woman from Balochistan” in the course of its time period. “The preceding authorities had recovered over four hundred to 500 lacking men and women but the present government has now not recovered even a single such man or woman,” he stated.

“Does the incumbent government and nation need to alienate the BNP-M from politics? Have military operations in Balochistan yielded any outcomes?” he asked.

The Ministry of Environmental Change offered in the house the listing of the ten most polluted towns of Pakistan primarily based on the rating by using the World Live Air Quality Index (AQI).

According to the list, Mirpur is the maximum polluted metropolis in Pakistan, followed by using Lahore, Peshawar and Faisalabad, the fourth most polluted town. Gujranwala is 5th on the list; Abbottabad, 6th; Islamabad, seventh; Rawalpindi, 8th; Karachi; ninth while Mangala is the tenth maximum polluted town of Pakistan.

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