Aima Baig sues news platform for Rs100 million

Singer Aima Baig has served a felony notice to a neighborhood media outlet that dug out an antique interview of hers to “falsely” file that she had said she had a weigh down on her brother, who’s seven years older than her.

Disgusted by means of the “shameless yellow journalism” and allegations placed against her, the Baazi crooner, on Friday, shared snap shots of the court report on her Instagram Story and advised her industry colleagues also to take a stand in opposition to “fake reporting”.

“This is excessive time when we ought to stand in opposition to yellow journalism and pretend reporting (that is simplest achieved for the sake of remarks and likes). I even have had sufficient, so I am status up for myself and lots of others from turning into their subsequent prey,” penned Baig, at the same time as sharing images of the attention.

“A perusal of impugned news/submit/story makes it abundantly clear, that you have purposely lied to the public with the culpable malicious intention to defame my patron,” study the felony report shared on-line. The observe additionally said that the virtual media outlet “attributed an unfaithful, fake, and scandalous announcement” to Baig and “unfold the fake news” that she had a weigh down on her elder brother.

The document in addition examine, “A clear and unbiased listening of the old interview of my patron cited by using you for your submit/tale, would screen with out room for any doubt that my consumer in no way made one of these declaration which you have attributed to her. It is amply clear that you your self have misused the content material of her interview and distorted it, and deliberately with a mala fide purpose picked it out of context and misapplied it in your condemnable act to tarnish the reputation and fame of my client.”

The defamation suit demanded Rs100 million in damages from the publication and to “smooth an unconditional and written apology inside forty eight hours” of receiving the attention. The apology as stated in the match must additionally be posted on all their social media platforms consisting of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, with the unfaithful news file deleted as well. The play also highlights the function of power and corruption in minting the plight of the lower socio-economic class. A snobbish matriarch, Hayat’s spouse, continues her unbothered, wonky self, puffing cigarettes and disregarding all accusations all through the display. Only later, it’s revealed that she’s additionally the top of a nearby girls’s charity, and rejects the younger lady of any help, even as she is at her final breath. Her character is probably the first-class illustration of ways hierarchy works within the international, where strength, misuse of regulation, cash is the largest hurdle towards justice and responsibility.

Even even though the play closes on an open be aware, the storyline’s objective does no longer suffer. With the limelight shining on the housemaid operating at Hayat’s region, the director made sure that human beings left the theatre with a entire image of whom the play is certainly for—the operating elegance.

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