AI watch: UK electoral warning and OpenAI’s move into London

Artificial intelligence is either going to keep humanity or end it off, relying on who you talk to. Either way, every week there are new traits and breakthroughs. Here are just some of the AI stories which have emerged in current days:

The US agency behind the ChatGPT chatbot, OpenAI, has announced that its first worldwide office might be in London. The move is a lift for the United Kingdom prime minister, Rishi Sunak, who has described the AI race as one of the “finest possibilities” for the u . S . A .’s tech enterprise. OpenAI said it chose the UK capital due to its “rich subculture and extremely good skills pool”. This month Palantir, a $30bn US company specialising in software packages that method huge quantities of records (customers range from the NHS to the US army), picked London as its European base for AI research and development.
Recent breakthroughs in AI have raised questions about the impact on jobs, given ChatGPT’s capability to mass-produce workable text and usable computer code. A file final week expected that 2.Five% of all obligations within the UK economy would be suffering from generative AI, although that proportion soars for creative specialists, with forty three% of duties done by way of authors, writers and translators vulnerable to their work being automated. Computer programmers, software builders, public family members professionals and IT help technicians were additionally excessive at the list, consistent with the report by using the accounting group KPMG.

Retail, hospitality, production and production are many of the jobs anticipated to revel in “almost no impact”. Overall, generative AI ought to add 1.2% to the level of UK financial interest, or the potential to produce more economic output with less paintings (which must, in concept, produce better wages, although humans currently hired as authors, writers and translators may additionally discover that a head scratcher).

The Internet Watch Foundation, a UK-primarily based on line safety watchdog, said it became starting to see AI-generated images of child sexual abuse being shared on-line. “What is of maximum challenge is the quality of these snap shots, and the realism the AI is now able to achieving,” stated Charles Hughes, the organization’s hotline director. The BBC additionally reported that paedophiles had been the usage of picture-producing equipment to create and promote child sexual abuse material on content-sharing sites.
If the talk over whether AI poses a serious existential danger is divisive among experts, there is consensus that disinformation is a serious quick-time period trouble. The fear is that generative AI – the term for gear that may produce convincing text, pix, video and human voice from a human prompt – should wreak havoc at next year’s US presidential election and a probable popular election inside the UK. Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, a powerful participant inside the field, said this week that governments and tech agencies had till the start of next year to guard the ones elections from AI-generated interference (by means of, for instance, introducing a labelling scheme for AI-made content material).

“We do want to type this out, I could say with the aid of the start of the 12 months, if we’re going to guard our elections in 2024,” he stated at an occasion hosted by way of the Chatham House thinktank in London.

It got here as the United Kingdom’s Electoral Commission watchdog warned that point become walking out to introduce new policies on AI in time for the subsequent popular election, because of take area no later than January 2025.

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