A whole generation now finds ‘Friends’ offensive: Jennifer Anniston says its a tragedy for comedies

Jennifer Aniston said she needs we may want to chuckle extra at ourselves, in place of having to police every phrase in comedies.

“Comedy has developed, films have advanced,” the Friends famous person, 54, instructed AFP in Paris, in which her new movie Murder Mystery 2 with Adam Sandler, is ready. “Now it’s a little intricate because you have to be very cautious, which makes it virtually hard for comedians, due to the fact the splendor of comedy is that we make amusing of ourselves, make a laugh of existence,” she said.In the beyond, “you could comic story about a bigot and have a laugh — that become hysterical. And it changed into about teaching human beings on how ridiculous humans have been,” she said. “And now we’re now not allowed to do this.”

Aniston stated the way of life had changed dramatically because the days of Friends inside the Nineteen Nineties. “There’s an entire era of people, children, who’re now going back to episodes of Friends and locate them offensive.

“There have been things that were by no means intentional and others… properly, we have to have idea it through — however I don’t think there was a sensitivity like there is now.”

These troubles are perhaps the motive why Hollywood is popping out a long way fewer comedies in current years, which Aniston stated was a tragedy.

“Everybody desires funny! The world desires humour! We can’t take ourselves too seriously. Especially in the United States. Everyone is a long way too divided,” she stated.

For co-big name Sandler, the other large change has been the budgets, with comedies now expected to appearance as top as pricey blockbusters and dramas. “You recognize what else has changed approximately comedies? The appearance,” Sandler joked, pointing to his garments.

“Remember while we used to make comedies? They could give you a budget, now not too much cash, and say: ‘Do anything you could with that.’ And now they need us to appearance quite terrific. We work more difficult on that,” he stated with fun.

Murder Mystery 2 follows the hit Netflix movie from 2019 in which Sandler’s detective and his wife turn out to be embroiled in a whodunnit on vacation. The sequel, streaming from Friday, sees the duo tour to Paris after a rich buddy is kidnapped.

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